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Is Your Office Phone as Smart as Your Cell Phone?

A phone system isn’t just a tool for communication. Today’s unified communications provide the means for collaborating with customers, colleagues and suppliers. They help us to respond quickly; they conveniently integrate with our other software applications, and they allow us to be accessible whether we’re working in or out of the office. 

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) simply means that voice communication signals are travelling through a digital network that is either internal or travels through the internet. 

Is It the Right Time to Upgrade Your Phone System?

Old phone systems were very reliable and had a long life span. Unfortunately, many legacy systems are now turning into money pits, requiring frequent maintenance and repairs.

Other signs that you need to start looking at your phone communication options could simply be that your system can’t grow with your business or you can’t get the features you want that will make your staff more efficient and accessible.