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What is Cloud Computing and Services

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of hype and excitement over the potential value of cloud computing, or “The Cloud,” for the business environment.

The biggest problem has been that most people really don’t understand what cloud computing is or how it works. If you’re still not 100 percent sure what it is, you’re not alone.

Let us help you cut through the clutter: In its simplest form, cloud computing is using the internet to access your files, emails, data, applications, and more. Instead of storing your files, applications, and other data on a computer or server at your office, you’re storing them on high-speed, high-security servers that you can access anytime, anywhere, via the Internet on nearly any device.

Cloud solutions and applications provide businesses with more flexibility and security while reducing maintenance and capital expenses. They empower teams and organizations with the ability to work from anywhere, at any time and improve collaboration and workflows.

Deciding to migrate some or all of your IT services to the cloud is a big decision, and it takes the right technology strategist to ensure you make good choices that align with your business processes

What Are My Cloud Computing Options?

The cloud is a very attractive option for businesses these days. Many are migrating their email, applications, phone systems, or even their entire IT infrastructure to a cloud platform, giving them a level of scalability and mobility that they’ve never experienced before.

Popular cloud services these days include Office 365, Google Apps, hosted business applications such as ERP systems, accounting software, EMR systems, and email.

It’s working really well for some companies to put their entire infrastructure in the cloud; however, most companies are still relying on a hybrid setup where some pieces are in the cloud and some are on-premise.

Deciding which of your company’s IT components belong in the cloud depends entirely on how your company operates and what results you’re hoping to gain.

The cloud isn’t right for every business, so before someone recommends that you transition to the cloud, they should ask a lot of questions to understand how your business operates and what you’re hoping to accomplish.

The goal is to make sure the cloud can actually help you achieve your business objectives!

Do You Help Companies Migrate To The Cloud?

Of course! We’ve helped hundreds of companies scale seamlessly and operate more efficiently with cloud technologies. We work with the leading cloud solutions provider on the market and deploy the best ones for the businesses we work with to help them work more efficiently.

Leveraging cloud-based solutions enables businesses to pay for what they need, when they need it. From productivity apps, to cloud infrastructure and cloud data back up, more and more businesses of all sizes are seizing the opportunities that cloud solutions offer them to stay competitive in their market.

We’ve also helped companies get their data out of the cloud entirely, or migrate to a different cloud service provider if their current arrangement just isn’t working.

What Configuration do you need?

Whatever configuration helps your company crush its strategic goals and serve your customers better (whether it includes the cloud or not), is the solution we’re interested in helping you implement.

Anywhere, Anytime, All the time

Gain the possibility to access your applications and data anywhere, at any time, without any downtime.

Flexibility and Control

Pay for the resources and licences you need, exactly when you need them, and add or remove on-demand to adapt to your actual business needs.

Best-in-class Security

Leading cloud-based solutions and applications are built with best-in-class security features, giving you the peace of mind you desire regarding your company’s data.

What’s Included in

Our Cloud Solutions

Hosted Solutions

Host your data, infrastructure, applications and emails in our private, state-of-the-art Canadian data center.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

From hosted infrastructure to Office 365, leverage the best Microsoft solutions for your business needs.

Backup & Recovery

Ensure data integrity and security for business with faster recovery with our tailored data cloud solutions.

Get more from your assets

We offer end-to-end IT solutions to businesses of all sizes in the Vancouver Area from our Richmond location. Our clients leverage our expertise to maximize their IT investments, secure their businesses and stay competitive.