SSL VPN for Mac OS X 


This article describes the steps to configure the Remote Access SSL VPN for Macintosh OS X using the Tunnelblick VPN client. 

Applies to the following Sophos products and versions 

Sophos Firewall 



This article requires that you have already set up an SSL VPN Remote Access tunnel on your Sophos Firewall. 


How to configure SSL VPN for Mac OS X 

You can configure SSL VPN for Mac OS X using the Tunnelblick VPN client by following the steps below. 


Download and install Tunnelblick Client 

  1. Download the latest version of the Tunnelblick for MAC from
  1. Put the file in the Applications folder and install the Tunnelblick.*.*.dmg file. 

Download and connect with the OVPN file 

  1. Download file from user portal Download Configuration for Other OSs in .ovpn format. 
  1. Double-click the configuration file to open it in Tunnelblick. 
  1. Click Connect. 
  1. It will show as Connected at the top of the screen.