Hide  a Drive 
  • Hide Drive using Windows Registry 
    In this second way, we will use NoDrives registry key to hide a drive in Windows 8. As we add a key to the registry, I suggest you to take the backup of your registry. Once it is done, proceed! 
    Press Windows Key+ R, type ‘regedit’ and hit enter. It asks for confirmation, say ‘yes’. Now, registry Editor Console opens up. Navigate to the below path, 
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> Software –> Microsoft –> Windows –> CurrentVersion ->Explorer 
    Here we are going to create a new DWORD value, so right click on Explorer and choose New -> DWORD Value (32-bit). 

Give the name as ‘NoDrives’ and double click on it, to change the properties. Now, console opens where we need to enter values. In Value data, choose the one based on the drive you want to hide. Each drive letter has unique value and values are as below, 
A: 1, B: 2, C: 4, D: 8, E: 16, F: 32, G: 64, H: 128, I: 256, J: 512, K: 1024, L: 2048, M: 4096, N: 8192, O: 16384, P: 32768, Q: 65536, R: 131072, S: 262144, T: 524288, U: 1048576, V: 2097152, W: 4194304, X: 8388608, Y: 16777216, Z: 33554432, All: 67108863 
Choose the corresponding value for the drive and enter that value in ‘Value data’. Choose ‘Decimal’ for Base section. As I want to hide, drive ‘G’, I am entering the value as ‘64’. 

If you want to hide two drives, say for example ‘E’ and ‘G’, you can enter value one value as ’80’ (E = 16 and G = 64) and it hides both the drives. 
Restart your computer and your drive in hidden now. If you are supposed to get the drive back, change the value to Zero or you can even delete the ‘NoDrives’ registry key. 

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