Backup and Restore of DNS Zone 


Logon to Domain Controller, Open Windows PowerShell and type the following commands to backup DNS zones. 





dnscmd KTM-DC01-2K12 /ZoneExport backup\ 

dnscmd KTM-DC01-2K12 /ZoneExport backup\ 

where KTM-DC01-2K12 is dnsserver name. The backup copy (text file) of the DNS Zone will be saved to 

C:\Windows\System32\dns\backup folder 

2. Open explorer and navigate to the C:\Windows\System32\dns\backup folder to verify its contents. 

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Use DNSCMD command line tool to restore the domain DNS zone: 

1. Open DNS Manager Console. 

2. Expand the Server, KTM-DC01-2K12, then right click Forward Lookup Zone and Click New Zone.. 

3. On the New Zone Wizard, Click Next. 

4. On the Zone Type Wizard, select Primary zone  and Uncheck the Store the zone in Active Directory (available only if DNS server is a writeable domain controller) 

5. On the Zone Name Wizard, type the name of the zone being restored, and click Next. 

6. On the Zone File Wizard, select the option Use this existing file and Click Next

Make sure the current backup of the is present in the following path,C:\Windows\System32\dns\backup . 

Copy the file to the parent folder (C:\Windows\System32\dns). Rename the file from to (remove the .bkp extension). Click Yes. 

7.  Now go back to the Zone File Wizard, and click Next. 

8. On the Dynamic Update wizard page, select Allow both nonsecure and secure dynamic updates and Click Next. 

9. On the Completing the New Zone Wizard page, Click Finish. 

10. Make sure the is created. Then right Click the zone and select Properties. 


11. On the Properties dialog page, Click the Change.. button at Type: Primary field. 

12. On the Change Zone Type page, make sure Primary zone is selected and select the option Store the zone in Active Directory (available only if DNS server is a domain controller) and click OK. 

13. On the DNS dialog box, Click Yes to accept the change. 

14. On the zone Properties page, select Secure only at Dynamic updates field. 

15Finally, we should have our DNS Zone up and running.. 

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