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Offering Outstanding Services

Managed Services

WinTech IT Solutions provides complete IT Support & Solutions to small and medium size business

Cloud Services

Wintech IT Solutions also specializes in providing Cloud Services like Microsoft Office 365, Azure and many more.

Cyber & IT Network Security

Wintech IT Solutions also specializes in providing Internet and Data Security which include data encryption, Firewall security

Proactive Server and Desktop Monitoring & Maintenance

With Wintech It Solution change your managed IT services to cover all of the IT bases needed to minimize risks and keep operations up and running smoothly.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Wintech It Solutions offers flexible customizations to backup your data and systems as per business needs. So in any critical security breach, unexpected disaster, or an accidental “Delete” you are insured with options and can revert to previous states.

Phone Solutions and Support

Old phone systems were very reliable and had a long life span. Unfortunately, many legacy systems are now turning into money pits, requiring frequent maintenance and repairs. We as an organization offers differnet services for you phone solution like VoIP.

About Us

Wintech IT Solutions is a client centric, collaborative IT Partner for clients business need.

Your Trusted Partner in Strategic IT Solutions.

  • Strategic IT Consulting.
  • End-to-End IT Solutions.
  • Deliverable-Based Services.

Propel your business towards success.

  • Specialized Support
  • Versatile Service Portfolio

Wintech IT Solutions is a client centric, collaborative IT Partner for clients business need. It provides clients with professional and expert advice in focusing business on how best to use Information Technology to meet their business objective. In addition to providing advice, Wintech also design, plan, implement, deploy and administer IT systems on behalf. Wintech also provides deliverable-based services, including project management, business information technology consulting, computer consulting and technical expertise. We specialize in supporting businesses that use complex infrastructure Wintech provides services ranging from project-based technical services to fully-managed infrastructure operations. We manage and operate the technology infrastructure for corporate and business applications that support manufacturing, retails, service providers, education institute, accounting, lawyers, medical offices and others

Why choose Wintech IT Solutions?

Excellent Customer Service – Our skills, methodologies, process and certified professional have helped us to deliver unsurpassed customer service.

Proven Service Delivery Model – Wintech IT Solutions has translated service delivery experience into best practices focused on companies core services. We have developed proven and trusted methodologies that are cost-effective, consistent and reliable. Our service delivery models guarantee that we meet our commitments to our customers.

Solid References – Wintech IT Solutions is focused on constant improvement and continuously developing IT knowledge and skills, as well as providing exemplary service to customers. This has led to strong, long-term relationships with clientele since date of inception.

Our Mission Statements

Wintech IT Solutions mission statement is to “be TOTAL IT solution provider. Customer satisfaction is our warranty and customers are No. 1 priority”.

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